GoPro Time Lapse @ Nyhavn Copenhagen

A time lapse video filmed with a GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition at 0,5 sec, 7MP.
I will return to do another one when there’s more people. I will be making LOTS of cool timelapses around Copenhagen this summer, so make sure to check in once in a while : )


GoPro @ Copenhagen Distortion 2014

Distortion street party 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark video.
Shot with GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition 720p 100fps allowing for some pretty cool slow motion.

Christianshavn Bridge


Click below to see it on a map : ) Continue reading

Neptune Fountain in Gdansk, Poland



Gdansk is a beautiful city. I feel blessed that I have two grandmothers living in the very centre of the Old Town, few seconds away from Dlugi Targ (Long Market), the city’s main walking street. Every year when I visit them I am amazed by the beauty of the city. Definitely worth a visit.

Copenhagen Panorama From Above

Copenhagen-From-Above-02I took this picture from the 13th story of the building where I live. It is taken in the Østerbro area facing south. In the full sized picture you can actually see the strait on the left, the coast of Sweden and the Øresundsbron (the bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden). As you can see there are not many tall buildings in Copenhagen, so I feel really privileged to have access to this view any time.

1 Love : )

1loveI found this in a container. Made me smile, so I thought I’d share ; ) Have a beautiful day wherever you are…


My Chest X-Ray


Pretty awesome! And fascinating!

(The picture of course is copyrighted) but you can buy it on here on Dreamstime : )

Copenhagen Street Portrait


I passed this guy and his dog on the street and just couldn’t help but turn around and ask for a picture.
He just nodded and carelessly returned to smoking his joint. Only the dog kept a careful eye on me. I mean, his bare feet in those shoes and that sweater from a completely different time. It was just a perfect moment…

Fresh Tabouleh


So this is the RAW cousin to the traditional bulgur tabouleh salad. Veeeeeery easy.

The ingredients are:

Sunflower Seeds (chopped to the size of bulgur)
Red onion
Salt & Pepper
A little bit of lemon juice

Positive Words Circle


© 2011 Jessie Kolpak all rights reserved

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Description: A circle made from the words positve, bliss, happiness, gratitude, now, inspiration, joy, smile, leap, art, dream, freedom, success, fun, wonder, flow, life, friendship, laugh, hope, pleasure, love, faith, vision, balance, new, creative, top, energy, beauty, intuition, abundance, adventure, chance, believe, thuth, light, perfect, peace, gom be, action, spark, health.