Flagging Leg on Christianshavn

Flagging-leg-web-2In Denmark we love to flag. It’s a tradition that comes to life any chance it gets. Whether it’s New Years Eve, the queens birthday, someone returning from a trip abroad (if you don’t believe me check out this ad Coca-Cola made with people flagging at Copenhagen Airport http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mLzYav-1JI)¬†or just because you have a fake leg lying around, the red and white “Dannebrog” is always present at any occasion and celebration. All official government buildings are to decorate their outside walls with the national flag of the kingdom of Denmark on certain days, by law! If Good Friday happens to fall on a same day at one of the royal birthdays we only fly at half mast. There you have it! Click “continue reading” below to see it on the map.


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Hanging out in by the canal

Chilling out in by the canal

Beatutiful Fall / Autumn day in Copenhagen, Denmark. Click below for map : )

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Street Photography: Bricks


Out exploring the city yesterday, this is what I found… Made me giggle : )