Flea Market Finds – Vintage Desk Lamp

Flea Market Finds - Vintage Dest Lamps








Summer means lots of flea markets going on around Copenhagen.

You can find the most amazing things, often way cheaper than at thrift stores, because you are mostly dealing with people who are happy to get rid of their used things.

I got this old retro brown table lamp (on the left) for under $3… Great find!  It’s standing on a couple of cigar boxes I got from the local wine and cigar store. Most of the books and the lamp on the right were given away for free at the local exchange centre.

Happy hunting : )


Colorful LP Cover Art Display


I love the art on old LP record covers. Here’s an inexpensive way to reuse them and bring some colour and an unique kind of music art display into your home. Go through your local thrift stores (or flea markets) and browse for cool  covers that inspire you and place them in a fitting easel. I have six of these sitting in this easel and switch between them according to my mood. (also this is a great way to put those old records to use without damaging them)

There you go, easy as that – an ever changing, completely unique art exhibit to spice up your home : )

Cool Vintage Suitcase End Table


Just another reduce/reuse/recycle interior design idea. I got a great deal on this suitcase at a local flea market and decided to use it as a side table and to keep my dvd’s and cd’s in it. I love these old retro things they have their own history and soul : )

Colourful Postcard Art Display


I found this used postcard rack at the “exchange centre” of my local recycling yard. You’re not allowed to take anything from the yard, but they have put up a container where people put the things they think are too good to just throw away, and then anyone is free to take them. It’s a pretty great concept. My initial thought was to sell it online, but I remembered that I had a bunch of “go-cards” lying around that I was collecting for another project, so picked some out that I thought were fun and colourful and arranged them on the rack. I thought it looked great and added some colour play so I decided to keep it for a while : )

Postcard-Decor-06Another  cool thing about this display is that it can be ever changing as you shift between new shapes and colours.

Alternative Radiator Book Case


I think it’s really cool when people find alternative and creative ways to use the things in our homes that we’d rather see hidden, and think we can all agree that a radiator is not the prettiest thing in the world. The other day I noticed that the space between the “ribs” is about the thickness of a regular book, so since I’d rather put on an extra sweater than turn on the radiator I decided to try and see what it’d look like, and I think that it really made it come to life and turned it into something completely different.

Radiator-Book-Shelf-02 Radiator-Book-Shelf-03

I heart Copenhagen: København K Thrift store


København K is a huge thrift store hidden in the back of a courtyard at the very centre of Copenhagen. They deal in the more “high end” clothing and accessories, and are not a non-profit charity organisation, which means that the items you’ll find in the store are carefully picked (unlike charity thrift shops that take in anything as long as it’s wearable). This of course also means pretty high prices for previously owned things, but still, you get great value and quality for a lot less than you would pay the same thing, new in a store. Definitely worth checking out if you visit or live in Copenhagen.


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Bicycle Workshop


It reads: “Love for your Bike”
(I was praying for someone wearing anything yellow to ride by!)

Vintage Camera Book End


This is a fun way to use an old film camera! They are just beautiful and deserve to be displayed : ) This way it also serves another purpose.

You can get an old camera at any flea market and probably at some thrift stores (or ask someone from an older generation, there’s a good chance they have one of these lying around or buried somewhere in the attic and wouldn’t mind passing it on)


Turn Your Old Shirts into Fun New Pillows


This is just a great way to put your own touch to your home interior. It’s fast, easy and cheap, and is way more interesting than most of the pillows you’ll find at the store. This way you can have it just the way you like it and know that it is one of a kind.



I just learned how to use a sewing machine. This was my first project and I cannot believe how incredibly easy it was! You can use your own or search your local thrift stores or flea markets for some great used tees, sweaters, shirts, zippers, buttons and other cool things and make your own awesome pillowcases : ) I have many more pillows to go so I’m really looking forward to the spring/summer flea markets.

Have fun!!