Christianshavn Canal in the Fall


This area is not far from the city centre. In fact you can walk there from the main walking street in about 15 minutes. Definitely worth a visit as it is one of Copenhagen’s most beautiful and charming neighbourhoods with it’s canals and old, colourful houses. This is also where you’ll find Christiania, another visitor must-see! Click below to view this spot on a map : ) Continue reading


Flagging Leg on Christianshavn

Flagging-leg-web-2In Denmark we love to flag. It’s a tradition that comes to life any chance it gets. Whether it’s New Years Eve, the queens birthday, someone returning from a trip abroad (if you don’t believe me check out this ad Coca-Cola made with people flagging at Copenhagen Airport or just because you have a fake leg lying around, the red and white “Dannebrog” is always present at any occasion and celebration. All official government buildings are to decorate their outside walls with the national flag of the kingdom of Denmark on certain days, by law! If Good Friday happens to fall on a same day at one of the royal birthdays we only fly at half mast. There you have it! Click “continue reading” below to see it on the map.


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Colourful buildings on Christianshavn, Copenhagen


Click “continue reading” below to view it on a map so you can go see it yourself : )

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Hanging out in by the canal

Chilling out in by the canal

Beatutiful Fall / Autumn day in Copenhagen, Denmark. Click below for map : )

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Street Photography: Bricks


Out exploring the city yesterday, this is what I found… Made me giggle : )

Tycho Brahe Planetarium, Copenhagen

Tycho-Brahe's-PlanetariumNamed after the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe this architectually unique building from 1989 is primarily used as a movie theatre. It rests at the southern corner of St. Jørgen’s Lake lake in Vesterbro, Copenhagen. The canvas in this movie theatre is 1000 m2 (10,764 sq ft) and curved and in front of it you can enjoy numerious beautifully filmed IMAX and 3D movies. It is an extreme experience that makes you feel like you could fall out of your chair anytime.

Østerbro, Copenhagen Flower Mural

Copenhagen-Mural-03So I went out today and photographed another mural in my neighbourhood. I’m not sure if this is technically a mural since it’s not painted directly on the building, but on boards that are mounted to the wall. Regardless, I think it’s pretty cool and always puts me in a good mood when I pass by : )


Copenhagen Mural 02: Nordhavn, Østerbro

Copenhagen-Mural-02This mural is located in Copenhagen’s Østerbro quarter, where I live. It can be found beneath the tracks near Nordhavn Station. On the other side of the tracks is the harbour that is represented in this different piece of street art. As you can probably tell we love our bikes! The symbol on the train indicates the “bike wagon”. You can bring your bike with you for free, except during rush hour when you can’t bring it at all. Also along the tracks is a bike lane free of stop signals : )

Copenhagen-Mural-02d2Click below for more photos : )

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Awesome Mural in Nørrebro, Copenhagen



This is one of Copenhagen’s many cool murals located in the city’s Nørrebro quarter. If you take the time to look around and go down unknown streets you can find some amazing street art.

I love riding my bike through the very different parts of Copenhagen, finding places I never knew existed and discovering their treasures, may it be a cute little coffee shop or some great street art.

I will definitely be posting more of these. I already have a bunch on my phone camera so that I remember what I found and where. Now I just need to return with my real camera and shoot some proper photos.

I bet that whichever city you live in also holds some cool street art. Sometimes it’s good fun to play tourist in your home town. So go explore and have fun : )

Copenhagen Airport with a Pinhole Camera


This photo was taken at Copenhagen Airport with a pinhole camera, which is basically a cardboard box with a piece of photographic paper attached to one of the walls on the inside (in a darkroom), a tiny hole on the opposite wall  that is covered until exposure. I’m not sure, but I think this one was exposed for 15 minutes.

The funniest part was my friend and I trying to get permission from security to shoot inside the airport and they insisted on looking inside the box (which of course would have ruined the picture) and then looked at us as if we were crazy when we tried to explain that this large cardboard box was actually a camera. They didn’t buy it and politely sent us outside to do our thing : )

I heart Copenhagen: København K Thrift store


København K is a huge thrift store hidden in the back of a courtyard at the very centre of Copenhagen. They deal in the more “high end” clothing and accessories, and are not a non-profit charity organisation, which means that the items you’ll find in the store are carefully picked (unlike charity thrift shops that take in anything as long as it’s wearable). This of course also means pretty high prices for previously owned things, but still, you get great value and quality for a lot less than you would pay the same thing, new in a store. Definitely worth checking out if you visit or live in Copenhagen.


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City Walks



Today I actually stopped a guy on the street and asked if I could photograph his feet! That’s a new one, even for me! But that’s the cool thing about hitting the streets with your camera. You notice things, little moments, while most people just walk by, and you feel deeply connected to someone for a short while, and then take a little piece of them home, caught in a photograph. And most people love the fact that a total stranger is taking interest in them, and seeing something special about them.

If you like taking pictures, you should seriously consider trying this. It’s super rewarding. And maybe you find it intimidating at first, but don’t worry, I still do sometimes, but then I just bring my camera anyway and walk around noticing the moments. This is good exersize even if you don’t take your camera out once!

Now go out, explore and have some fun!

Love, Jessie

Self Portrait


This is a self portrait taken last summer in a store called Dora. I wandered around taking pictures for quite a while. It’s an interior design store but it looked more like an art exhibit. The owner’s mother was there that day and was really nice, letting me photograph as much as I wanted. I have a lot more photos from there that I will probably post later.

Bicycle Workshop


It reads: “Love for your Bike”
(I was praying for someone wearing anything yellow to ride by!)

Clothing Line


Another charming thing about those courtyards, the clothes hanging out to dry. And look at those primary colours!

Hidden Art Studio


These are some snapshots I took at an art studio/gallery that I was invited into after sneaking into one of Copenhagen’s countless old courtyards. The paint on the easel was a piece of art in itself. The artist said that he’d been working on it for 15 years, and back then it had already been started by another artist. Imagine the history stored in those layers of paint! Incredible.


Insanely expensive, but they have the coolest industrial interior design, over-sized lamps, spots and fans. Located in Copenhagen’s Vesterbro Quarter.

Free Ya Soul Graffiti in my building


Pretty Cool