Alternative Radiator Book Case


I think it’s really cool when people find alternative and creative ways to use the things in our homes that we’d rather see hidden, and think we can all agree that a radiator is not the prettiest thing in the world. The other day I noticed that the space between the “ribs” is about the thickness of a regular book, so since I’d rather put on an extra sweater than turn on the radiator I decided to try and see what it’d look like, and I think that it really made it come to life and turned it into something completely different.

Radiator-Book-Shelf-02 Radiator-Book-Shelf-03


5 thoughts on “Alternative Radiator Book Case

  1. I love the idea of using a radiator to store something like this – but I wonder if filling in the gaps will cause the radiator to function less efficiently? I think that the reason there are gaps between the coils is to allow the air to circulate in between… ?

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