Copenhagen Airport with a Pinhole Camera


This photo was taken at Copenhagen Airport with a pinhole camera, which is basically a cardboard box with a piece of photographic paper attached to one of the walls on the inside (in a darkroom), a tiny hole on the opposite wall  that is covered until exposure. I’m not sure, but I think this one was exposed for 15 minutes.

The funniest part was my friend and I trying to get permission from security to shoot inside the airport and they insisted on looking inside the box (which of course would have ruined the picture) and then looked at us as if we were crazy when we tried to explain that this large cardboard box was actually a camera. They didn’t buy it and politely sent us outside to do our thing : )

2 thoughts on “Copenhagen Airport with a Pinhole Camera

  1. Interested to find this b&w photo taken in such a simple way. I learned about photography when I attended an interesting school aged 7-11 (in the 1970s). We did something like that a few times and learned to develop film and photos too. Long exposure time, you wouldn’t want too much moving around! 🙂

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