I heart Copenhagen: København K Thrift store


København K is a huge thrift store hidden in the back of a courtyard at the very centre of Copenhagen. They deal in the more “high end” clothing and accessories, and are not a non-profit charity organisation, which means that the items you’ll find in the store are carefully picked (unlike charity thrift shops that take in anything as long as it’s wearable). This of course also means pretty high prices for previously owned things, but still, you get great value and quality for a lot less than you would pay the same thing, new in a store. Definitely worth checking out if you visit or live in Copenhagen.


















Now, they have a lot of leather, I mean A LOT! I’m not a big fan of killing for fun, so I try to stay away from it, BUT, if you want leather it IS a lot better to buy it used. This (sort of) follows the reduce, reuse, recycle mentality, and means that less animals will suffer, less pollution will go into the air and land, less waste will be produced, and is generally a step in the right direction : ) They also have some fun interior design stuff (not used), and some music albums that you are free to listen to in the store.

You’ll find them at Studiestræde 32 b, 1455 Kbh K
Their hours are monday-thursday 11:00-18:00, friday 11:00-19:00, saturday 11:00-15:00
Contact  33 33 08 89

Oh, and they actually have a second, smaller store not far from this one, also worth checking out. I will probably take some pictures there too this year. I can’t find their address.

Happy thrifting everyone!!

Love, Jessie

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