City Walks



Today I actually stopped a guy on the street and asked if I could photograph his feet! That’s a new one, even for me! But that’s the cool thing about hitting the streets with your camera. You notice things, little moments, while most people just walk by, and you feel deeply connected to someone for a short while, and then take a little piece of them home, caught in a photograph. And most people love the fact that a total stranger is taking interest in them, and seeing something special about them.

If you like taking pictures, you should seriously consider trying this. It’s super rewarding. And maybe you find it intimidating at first, but don’t worry, I still do sometimes, but then I just bring my camera anyway and walk around noticing the moments. This is good exersize even if you don’t take your camera out once!

Now go out, explore and have some fun!

Love, Jessie

2 thoughts on “City Walks

  1. Nice couple of photos. Recognise and like what you said about those little connections with people and taking a bit of them home with you in the photos. Good that you have the confidence to ask to photograph feet, not sure that I am ready for that yet!

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